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My Hero

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My Hero

My Hero follows our main character River as he sits down to go through his list of heros he has come up with in order to decide which one he wants as his inspirational figure.

He starts out like any boy would by looking at a Super Hero.  He then goes through his list one by one and looks at their hero features to see which one inspires him the most.

Through this rhyming tale, River discovers that they all have inspirational attributes and they can all help to guide him to become the person he wants to be.

Join River as he journeys through his list to help him discover that there are more to Heros than meet the eye.

Other Stories

Jack's Jumbled Up Words

Jacks Cover.jpg

The 2nd Book currently in the process of being published is Jack's Jumbled up Words.

This story looks at Jack, a happy child who holds a secret.

We take a look at the day that Jacks secret is revealed. Whenever Jack reads, the words become jumbled up and don’t form sentences that make sense and he doesn’t know why. He is embarrassed as he feels other children will laugh at him if they find out his secret so he does not tell anyone. However, Jack’s secret is about to be revealed when Jacks teacher asks him to read to her.

This story is about a boy who has dyslexia but is un-diagnosed.  It is a great story to help those that are dealing with dyslexia and it helps others understand a little of what it is like to live with it.

If You Don't Have a Go, You'll Never Know

A Taekwondo Tale

Hero tkd.jpg

The 3rd book in the My Hero range called 'If You Don't Have a Go, You'll Never Know - A Taekwondo Journey" 

It focuses on a boy who is looking at starting Taekwondo but he is scared to have a go. 


The story looks at children in first time activities and how they feel about participating.  It draws on the concept that they need to just give it a go or they will never know.  Everyone feels the same when they start so they need to build up their courage to achieve their goals.

Watch this space for more details of this up and coming book.

You Must Believe 

If You Want to Succeed

A Firefighters Story

Hero Fire.jpg

The 4th book in the My Hero series is 'You Must Believe, If You Want to Succeed - A Fire Fighters Tale'.  It follows Star as she wonders who she will grow up to become.  She knows she wants to make a difference and be that can inspire others.  Then a Fire Engine flies past her and that makes her mind up.  However she must believe in herself and focus on achieving her goal if she wants to succeed and become a Fire Fighter.

It is all about facing up to times of challenge to become who you are meant to become and that feeling of succeeding after facing these challenges.

Stars' story will be out at a later date, ready to inspire your children even more so watch this space...

Keep Danger out of Reach 

Our Heroes of the Beach

A Lifeguard Story

Hero Lifeguard.jpg

The 5th Book in the My Hero range comes in the form of a Lifeguard.  Looking at the important roles they play to keep us safe whilst we spend our day under the sun having fun.

This book looks at a few incidents that can happen at the beach as well as looking at the future Lifeguards in training who aspire to be like their heroes.  It has a clear message about some of the dangers you find when at the beach as well as messages the children can relate to about putting your mind to what ever you want to achieve in order to become whom ever you want to be!

Inspirational Sections

My Hero

Inspiring me with all their strengths,

My Hero's would boldly say:

“Just do your best, no more, no less.

Each and every day.”

Role models can help you too,

As they help me you see,

To be the one true version,

The best me I could be.

If You Don't Have a Go, You'll Never Know

“A Black Belt never gives up

No matter what they face

Remember it's not a sprinter

That wins the longest race”

Everyone faces hard times

It's scary to take that step

But every single champion felt

Exactly the same, I bet!

You Must Believe, If You Want to Succeed

So she started training

becoming strong and fit

Even when the times got hard

She knew she couldn't quit

Make your dreams come true

Become the one you wish

And be the hero you wish for most

Anyone upon your list

Keep Danger out of Reach, Our Heroes of the Beach

So think upon the lifeguards strength

Next time you face a fear

And turn and face it with your might

Towards it you should steer

That if your mind is strong and set

You'll grow up to become

The person you are meant to be

Which is anyone!

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