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Kickerstarter Campaign

Where We are At

I have a publisher, they love the book and want to work with me to bring it to life.  Yew!

I have gone through the editor and made a few adjustments to bring it up to it's best version.

I now need funding to be able to meet the requirements to publish the book.

Kickstarter Campaign

My kickstarter campaign will be live and ready to go very soon.  There are a number of levels you can get involved in to help bring My Hero to life.

Here is a list of the levels you can become involved in...


  1.  Donation with no items $10 or under but a big Thank You from my heart!

  2.  Pre-ordered copy of Book $25 (RRP $26.99)

  3.  Pre-ordered and signed copy of book $40

  4.  Pre-ordered, signed copy plus Book cover poster $55

  5.  Pre-ordered, signed copy plus MPEG video of a reading of the book $100

  6.  Pre-ordered, signed copy plus personalised Thank You message on MPEG reading of the book $160

    7.  2 x Pre-ordered, signed copies. Visit to your child's school or local library to read and interact with the kids on the topic of My Hero – available for anyone living up to 1.5hrs from Torquay, Vic $400

    8.  ULTIMATE HERO PACKAGE - Pre-ordered, signed copy and a special thank you on our website as a source of our inspiration, Plus Book Cover Poster and MPEG Video with Special Personalised Message Plus YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK! - $700  (Limited to 8)

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