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Alistair grew up in England, moving to Australia at age 22.  At the age of 6 he started to train in Martial Arts.  Through his life long inspiration from the Great Bruce Lee he has been able to set his goals and focus on achieving many different things.  

Later in life, Alistair discovered he had dyslexia, a problem left un-diagnosed.  When reading, words would become jumbled and jump which made reading hard.  However, he does not let this effect his goals and uses this as a way to focus more and connect to others.

Alistair runs a full time Martial Arts studio in Torquay, Victoria and has set his goals on helping others achieve their full potential through mental and physical training and understanding.

Alistair writes children's rhyming books and poems which have important messages of Never Giving Up, Focusing, Becoming Your Best and many more.  Through his writings he hopes to help others and inspire a new generation.

Alistair is married to his lovely, supportive wife Rachel and they have 2 children - Star and River. 

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