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Meet the Characters 

Illustrations by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

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       River, our stories

   Hero must make a

list of inspirational people he wants as his hero...

           Who should he                                  choose?

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Hero Dad.jpg
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Now my list

       is finished,

But I really can't


who I choose to         stand with me,

to picture by my                side?! 


Check out our Gallery for full photo    time line  of the inspiration of My Hero - HOME PAGE

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Huge THANK YOU to the following Heroes,

for helping to make My Hero come to life...

Ross, Helen, Teddy & Jamie 
Warren, Tamara, Mitchell, Harvey & Emily
Con, Maryanne, Nikolas, Alexander, Anastasia, Marcus, Leo, Julia & Stripey
JC Taekwondo and IBEX Sports 

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